indicative price

Estimated price, e.g. for valuation purposes.

Euroclear glossary. 2008.

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  • indicative price — Estimated price, e.g. for valuation purposes. Euroclear Clearing and Settlement glossary * * * indicative price UK US noun [C] ► FINANCE the price that a share will probably sell for: »The indicative price is based on the mid price for that share …   Financial and business terms

  • indicative price — Fin the price shown on a screen based system for trading securities such as the U.K. Stock Exchange Automated Quotations system. The price is not firm, as the size of the bargain will determine the final price at which market makers will actually …   The ultimate business dictionary

  • indicative — in‧dic‧a‧tive [ɪnˈdɪkətɪv] adjective [only before a noun] an indicative offer or price shows how much someone might pay or charge but is not definite: • We will then invite interested parties to make indicative offers. * * * indicative UK US… …   Financial and business terms

  • Price/sales ratio — Price to sales ratio, P/S ratio, or PSR, is a valuation metric for stocks. It is calculated by dividing the company s market cap by the company s revenue in the most recent fiscal year (or the most recent four fiscal quarters); or, equivalently,… …   Wikipedia

  • Indicative Quote — In forex trading, a currency quote that is provided by a market maker to a trading party but that is not firm. In other words, when a market maker provides an indicative quote to a trader, the market maker is not obligated to trade the given… …   Investment dictionary

  • indicative net asset value — Theoretical value of an ETF, disseminated by Euronext throughout the trading session. The indicative net asset value ( NAV) is used as the reference price: by liquidity providers and intraday investors, to calculate price ranges (+/ 1.5% or +/ 3% …   Financial and business terms

  • indicative quote — A market maker s price which is not firm. Exchange Handbook Glossary A quote whose price and volume are not guaranteed. That is, market participants are not obliged to deal at the displayed prices or volumes, when their quotes are indicative.… …   Financial and business terms

  • Indicative Net Asset Value - iNAV — A measure of the intraday net asset value (NAV) of an investment, such as an exchange traded fund (ETF), which gives an updated measure of the value of the investment based on its assets less its liabilities. An investment s NAV is usually… …   Investment dictionary

  • indicative auction price — The price at which the orders participating in an auction will be executed, if the auction match were to occur at that point. London Stock Exchange Glossary …   Financial and business terms

  • reference price — The price of future contract used as reference e.g., for determining an opening price, starting an algorithm, or figuring into an index; is usually the settlement price or last closing price. Chicago Mercantile Exchange Glossary Price used to… …   Financial and business terms

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